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Step #1 - Click the "Start" link above

Step #2 - Upload your animal/pet photo

Step #3 - Make a donation to Stray Rescue St Louis

Step #4 - SuperCoop will make your animal/pet into super art and send it to you via email !!

More details below

SuperCoop's mission


SuperCoop is an animal-loving 10 year old, and he also loves art! He started out by creating artwork from animal pictures that he saw online. Pretty soon people started asking for artwork of pets. SuperCoop had an idea! Why not mix the love of "artifying" people's pets (and favorite animals) with a donation to pets in need. After searching online he found the Stray Rescue of St Louis site and thought that they would be the puuurfect partner! He said he picked them because "They try to help ALL of the animals they find, and really do some nice things" After a few emails they gave SuperCoop his own custom secure donation page! He contacted the Director of IT at his home... and poof, he now has a website! Note: As you can see, the "creative/web" side of IT may not be the IT director's strength... we are actively seeking a creative type to help clean this mess up :-) 

Who it helps

Stray Rescue of St Louis. Here is the mission statement from the site:

"What sets Stray Rescue of St. Louis apart in the animal welfare community near and far? We seek out and take in those who no other organization will help or would simply euthanize because they are too expensive to heal. We take the abandoned, beaten, bred, fought, injured, terrified, defeated and betrayed. We see beyond their brokenness and are here to pick up the pieces to make these special animals whole again. We see the individual and know that there’s no “one size fits all” treatment plan. The minute they enter our doors, we look in their eyes and promise them ALL the second chance they deserve for health, home, commitment and love. Because these animals come in with a story that would give us all nightmares, it takes them longer to open up, trust and believe in humankind again. But with patience and time – always on their unique schedule – we see the light shine in their eyes again. Animals have an amazing ability to forgive which never ceases to amaze us."

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What you can do


Donate to Stray Rescue St Louis through SuperCoop's custom donation page! After clicking the "Start" link above it will ask you for contact information for you and your pet (or favorite animal). It will also ask you for a photo of your pet. When your donation to Stray Rescue is complete SuperCoop will start his art. St Louis animals get a donation and you get art of your favorite animal!

What you get


SuperCoop will create art of your animal based upon the photo that you upload/supply during the donation process above. Currently SuperCoop limits his art to animal heads/faces with a simple background (see examples scrolling below). He calls it "his style" and is somewhere between a painting and a caricature. He hopes that after a lot of donations​​ (art practice) he will be able to expand his offerings. There may also be a future "Art Gallery" link in the menu above so that he can show off some of his "other" work!